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Natural Casings

Why the natural casing?

The natural casing is the most antique and the best wrapping for cured meats, it has been the most genuine and used one for ages, maybe for millenniums.

The natural casings are taken away from the intestinal segment of different animal species, among hogs, bovines, sheep, goats but also equines.

The role of the casings in the cured meats is to give shape to the mixture and to contain it.
They are elastic and porous, as well as resistant: these characteristics make them fit for the change of dimensions as a consequence of the aging and the drying of the cured meats.

In addition, cured meats casings may sometimes convey to the mix a particular aromatic fragrance and taste. In fact, some moulds may often form on the surface of the product, conveying it its original organoleptic smell. This process, called “external flowering”, becomes particularly important for the regional manufacturers who want to give the cured meat their typical indigenous trait.

Another function of the natural casings is to allow the exchange between the water and oxygen in the mix and the external environment. The permeability of the casing is another factor contributing to the typical characteristics of some Italian products. At the same time, the casing protects the cared meats from alterations and contaminations provoked by some negative moulds or other pathogens.

The traditional cured meat, most of times wrapped in a natural ovine, pig or bovine casing, is considered an authentic delicatessen by the real experts and it is also very requested by the gourmets. This concept is enriched by the fact that the charm of Tradition blends with the idea of Natural, and natural casings contribute to make these products unique delicacies.

The sausage with natural casing is quality

The ovine worked small intestine is called small gut. It is the thinnest and most tender casing used and makes the cured meat crunchy, as a consequence it is also the most expensive.

For raw, cooked and smoked cured meats we have a wide range of the highest quality casings, from Australia, China, New Zealand and Middle East.

The hog gut includes the small, gentle, large intestine and the cecum, and the pig’s stomach too.

The bovine intestine, like the runner, straight, gentle and caps, are specifically indicated as casings for raw, cooked and browned high quality cured meats.

They are edible and are extracted from the intestine scrap of animals cut in pieces. Then they are overlapped and glued by the present collagen. They are put into cylindric moulds in order to be shaped and eventually dried.

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