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Giovanni Riccobono
Giovanni Riccobono

In the 50s, in a small village in West Sicily, Trapani area, some years after the Second World War, Giovanni Riccobono had the idea of a new job, starting to work the skin and the scraps of slaughtered animals, including the guts, which was really unusual for that time. He visited all the slaughterhouses of the area, buying the guts and working them with just one worker.

His intention was to sell them to the local butchers who used them to make sausages, and so it was. His son Antonino, a young boy at that time, joined his father in his job and the two, even with some difficulty, little by little, started to import from abroad. They made business with Germany, the Netherlands, China and New Zealand.

Nowadays ISB is a well-known factory in this field and counts a lot of national and international business relationships all over the world.


Antonino Riccobono - Cofondatore e Amministratore Unico

Antonino Riccobono
Co-founder and Administrator

Avv. Vito Vario - responsabile ufficio legale

Avv. Vito Vario
Legal office

Francesca Riccobono - Direzione

Francesca Riccobono

Avv. Valentina Riccobono - Affari legali e responsabile comunicazione pubblicitaria

Avv. Valentina Riccobono
Legal affairs and head of advertising communication

Francesca Latona - responsabile amministrazione e qualità

Francesca Latona 
Administration and quality manager

Angela Scaduto - Ufficio acquisti

Angela Scaduto
Purchasing Department

Anna Lia Scaduto - Ufficio vendite

Anna Lia Scaduto
Sales office

Dott.ssa Margherita Tagliavia Ufficio contabilità

Dott.ssa Margherita Tagliavia
Accounting Office

Davide Volpi - Responsabile produzione

Davide Volpi
Production manager

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ISB Industria
Siciliana Budella SRL

Sede centrale
Main office

SS 113 Km 345.700
Strada Comunale Angeli
91013 Calatafimi Segesta (TP)


Telefono/Phone n.:
+39 0924 951888

Fax: +39 0924 951902
P.Iva/Vat: 02506750815

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International plants

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